Alison grew up with a love of drawing, painting and all things art, but it wasn’t until high school that she learnt there was a profession called Graphic Design. Instantly she knew this was what she wanted to do! Studying at a time when computers were only just emerging in her industry, Alison was able to develop and foster traditional design skills alongside learning new technologies.

Alison can create custom illustrations, paintings, icons and infographics. While not all projects have the lead time and budget for custom illustration, it’s a great way to differentiate your project with bespoke visuals designed to tell your unique story.

Below is a selection of original illustration examples by Just North that were created in a range of medium from pencil on paper to digital sketch. The target audience and finished format of your project (print/digital) are important considerations when choosing an illustration style.

To see more paintings please visit Alison’s art gallery store. 

Closeup of face of small white dog with wiry fur, painted on canvas
Commissioned portrait (Painting on canvas)
Concept for airline passenger icon (Digital illustration)
In Dialogue appointment card design
'In Dialogue' feature visual (Paper collage to digital illustration)
'Whimsy' (Pencil on paper)
Screen printed album design tote bag with 'I am Loved' text design
'I am Loved' (Hand-drawn type illustration)
'Super Nova' (Digital illustration from original hand-drawn sketch)
'Neighbourhood Peacock' (Digital illustration)
'Melbourne Lights' (Photograph of a digital illustration on iPad with the actual view behind)