Barkers Creek Landcare

// Victoria Australia

The Barkers Creek Landcare and Wildlife Group in Central Victoria, is a dedicated group of local residents passionate about caring for the environment they live in.

Through numerous projects over the past 30 years they have made a significant contribution to protecting and restoring their natural environment. Monthly working bees involve tasks such as weed removal, tree planting, rubbish removal and restoration.


Barkers Creek Landcare required a responsive website to document the various conservation projects their group is involved in, provide educational resources, and inspire more community members to get involved in Landcare.

Just North designed a customised website to inform the public about the groups many Landcare projects, and to serve as a valuable resource for the community to identify weeds and local flora and wildlife. In keeping with the group’s commitment to caring for the environment, a carbon neutral green web host was chosen. Additional projects for the group included report design.

As you’ll see from the many photos across their website, this community group is not afraid of hard work and getting their hands dirty! Not only do they have a lot of fun working together but they are making a big difference in their region, and inspiring others to do the same.