Adamstown Pudding Kitchen

// Newcastle Australia

The Not for Profit Adamstown Pudding Kitchen (APK) has been making delicious puddings and proudly supporting local and overseas charities and community projects for over 40 years. 

Besides traditional Christmas puddings, APK offer a delicious dessert pudding range, pudding bites and a seasonal range of handmade jams, pickles and sauces! It’s no surprise the puddings were recognised as ‘the best commercially made Christmas pudding we have tasted’ (Good Food SMH & The Age 2018).

Adamstown Pudding Kitchen required a new ecommerce website to suit the needs of its growing business. With a loyal customer base and recognisable brand, new product photography was identified as a top priority moving forward. 

Just North teamed up with talented local photographer MJK Creative, to shoot the featured product range and produce a collection of images that looked as delicious as they tasted. Equipped with mouth-watering photography, Just North delivered a visually appealing website on their client’s chosen ecommerce platform, with the products the hero of every page.

The refreshed branding was extended to printed products, including a label update of their existing pudding labels, a new overarching label design for APK’s Jams, Pickles and Sauces products range, a new product brochure design and print magazine adverts.